“A weird, wonderful and demanding job”: How Gina Alessi made the graphic design in Apple TV’s Manhunt


Think film and TV and you imagine VFX and CGI, but behind the visual effects is some astute graphic design that brings worlds and history to life. One of the leading creatives working in film and television is Gina Alessi, a US-based graphic designer who has worked on the biggest Netflix, FX Network and Apple TV+ shows.

Gina’s impressive credits include For All Mankind, American Horror Story and most recently Manhunt for Apple TV+, which follows the hunt for Abraham Lincoln’s assassin,  John Wilkes Booth. The artist’s talent for creating realistic fictional brands, props, murals, signage, and even carpets and hand-bound books, was turned on bringing historically accurate details to life in Apple TV+’s 1865-set drama.


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