Elizabeth Vogt honed passion for design through Nike internship


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In front of a panel of Nike executives and about 300 other interns, Elizabeth Vogt had to calm her nerves as she prepared to pitch her product idea. Vogt participated in Nike’s “Internship Combine,” a Shark Tank-style competition, while interning with the company in the summer of 2022.

Along with her group, Vogt pitched an Artificial Intelligence goggle that kids could use to practice sports. Instead of having physical items — like soccer cones to dribble around — players could see everything through the goggles to effectively train. Out of 40 participating teams, Vogt’s team finished second, helping her get the most out of her dream internship.

Vogt, now a senior on Syracuse’s women’s rowing team, applied her passion for graphic design and sports throughout her Nike internship. While at Nike’s World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, Vogt was tasked with designing a product that Nike could sell in 50 years. The internship and her previous graphic design experience inspired her to pursue a career in sports graphic design once she graduates from SU in May.

“The sports industry is massive and I think working at a company that’s so global, I really got insight into how hard that can be,” Vogt said. “Especially being an intern, I was a tiny, tiny fish in this ocean.”

Sports have been a part of Vogt’s life since her childhood. She played competitive soccer for 14 years before starting her rowing career as a senior in high school. In high school, Vogt helped make posters for school events as part of the student body association, sparking her love for design.

“I’ve always been a creative person and I like expressing myself through design,” Vogt said. “I would like to work for a sports company and use this creativity in some way, whether that’s every day or through marketing campaigns.”

Though the COVID-19 pandemic cut Vogt’s high school rowing career short, she still pursued collegiate opportunities. She agreed to walk on to SU’s team in 2020 after talking with its coaches. In her freshman year, Vogt was consistently one of the slowest on the team, but she worked her way up the depth chart and has been a top rower for SU ever since.

Elizabeth Vogt (left) smiles as she gets ready to compete. Meghan Hendricks | Senior Staff Photographer

Syracuse head coach Luke McGee believes Vogt’s resilience will boost her as she looks for a career in the competitive sports industry after graduation.

“Professionally, what’s going to suit her well is what she’s done every day here,” McGee said. “She’s committed, passionate, incredibly thoughtful and works hard.”

Two summers ago, Vogt traveled to Nike’s World Headquarters for her internship. Vogt routinely woke up early and biked to the ​​Michael Krzyzewski Fitness Center to work out before heading to the office for the day. She then started her typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Serena Williams Building and attended special events on the campus soccer field.

In the Internship Combine, Vogt embarked on the AI goggles project alongside seven other interns. Her group was tasked with creating a product that fulfilled Nike’s “Make Sports a Daily Habit” slogan.

Per Vogt’s mentor at Nike, Myricia Amey, her experience rowing for Syracuse and extensive sports knowledge helped her get an edge in the competition.

“She could provide sport insight from a lens that is very different from someone that may have never played a sport in their life,” Amey said.

Throughout the process of pitching their AI goggles, Vogt’s team split the work to tailor to their strengths. Thus, Vogt was tasked with designing the product itself.

After designing the goggles, Vogt’s team had to convince a panel of judges that their product could succeed. The team competed against others that were given the same motto, but Vogt and her partners moved on to the final round. After finally pitching their product to Nike executives, they finished second.

Professionally, what’s going to suit her well is what she’s done everyday here. She’s committed, passionate, incredibly thoughtful and works hard.

SU Head Coach Luke McGee

“We knew that we had a great pitch and product, but it was super nerve-wracking… It was scary, but it was really rewarding,” Vogt said.

Throughout her internship, Amey took note of Vogt’s improved leadership and problem-solving skills.

“These qualities align to what she has learned through her years of rowing and internships,” Amey said. “Not only is she a phenomenal collegiate athlete, she has had the opportunity to work alongside bright individuals who have given her valuable insight into the business side of sport.”

In the future, Vogt wants to keep sports in her life while creating something that makes a difference in the world.

“When I’m looking at post-grad options and career paths, I want to do something where I feel like I’m making an impact,” Vogt said. “My goal is that whatever work I’m doing is being seen or at least helping someone.”


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