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An Ashby man has returned from China to start a new business in his home town.

Lewis Jones is the owner of Red Eyes Design, a website design company, which aims to create stunning websites that attract customers and boost your online presence.

His expertise combines creativity, expertise, and exceptional customer service.

But this was not always the well-travelled Lewis’ occupation.

He spent three years in China teaching English – an experience he would not have exchanged for anything.

Lewis Jones has returned to Ashby to start Red Eyes Design. Photo: Supplied

Lewis said: “Before I started Red Eyes, I was teaching in China.

“I was out there for three years, I was teaching from Grade 4 upwards, but I could decide.

“It was a very rewarding thing to do and I was very happy doing that.

“But when I came back to England, I decided to do something very different.”

Lewis’ previous career was as a sound designer working in movies – which took him to Canada where he learnt the craft of recording on-set and the post production sound design for films.

He added: “Think of your favourite film and everything you hear in it, apart from the music, I was doing.

“When someone’s walking down a corridor or you hear the rustle of their clothing or the footsteps move giving characters in films their own sound, that was me.

“I was out in Canada studying at the time. After three or four years I decided to go to Edinburgh University to study for an MSc.

“But then after I finished the course and was looking for work and I sent out a number of emails, one of them came back asking if I wanted to go to China and teach English.

“I thought: ‘Why not?’. The first place I went to was in Shenzhen, which is close to Hong Kong.

“Then I moved up to teach grade 6 and up You have to be part of the Chinese way of life, but because I was teaching English, then it was mainly English that was spoken around me.

“But whenever I went out in the cities, I tried to have some conversations as I picked up a little bit of Chinese as well. I’ve forgotten most of it now. But I also spent six to nine months in Viet Nam and returned and started thinking about how I could make a business here in England and because of my design background I started Red Eyes Design”

The former Ivanhoe and Ashby School student has now gone back to his roots for the next step in his career.

He added: “The idea for Red Eyes has been going on in my mind for about six months – and I started about two months ago.

“I’m home-based and people come to me with ideas and turn them into websites. The last company I worked with was a dog breeding business named Castle Cockapoos.”


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