Meridiani STIRred 2023 with fresh new ideas, furniture and interior design projects


Reputed furniture company from Italy, Meridiani is known for producing all its furniture in its home country. In 2023, the furniture brand debuted a new furniture collection, four furniture designs, and was featured in the interior design of a villa in Hawaii. As we close the year, STIR takes a look at the highlights of the brand that emphasise its design ethos of flexibility and quality.

1. People

Oscar modular sofaImage: Meridiani Collection 2023

The Oscar collection, designed by Andrea Parisio includes a fixed sofa, relax chaise, and armchair.

2. Pieces

Max sofa is a system of modular sofa designs that allows several configurations. Adjusting to different needs, the elements, which exude a functional beauty, can be used linearly or asymmetrically and are characterised by strict and pure geometries.

The Nora armchair is a customizable design for the Nora armchair that features generous proportions with upholstery armrests. Its design can express its character through different souls, by adding varying leather and fabric upholstery for the seat, backrest, and armrests.

Baco is a system of different-shaped pouffes to freely combine according to the personal desire of users. Baco pouffes are small and versatile pieces of furniture able to create different configurations thanks to a magnetic system.

Bongo Kuoio’s low table collection shows a new finish with the softness and strength of leather and skilful hand-woven manufacturing. The attention to detail and the aesthetic value make the product unique.

3. Places

The Lanikai Hillside Estate is located in a lovely Hawaiian town of the same name. Hosting a 6,500-square-foot architectural gem with panoramic views, a project by James McPeak and Associates, with the interiors designed by César Giraldo. The design which invokes a sense of tranquillity is enhanced through the use of Meridiani products.

In July, the brand’s new flagship store recently inaugurated in Via Manzoni, Milan, Italy. The store hosted ‘Rotante Massimo, III’ by Arnaldo Pomodoro a world-renowned Italian artist and sculptor, famous for his spheres made of bronze. Giving life to creations that break and open up in front of the viewer, Pomodoro, a sphere with a diameter of 80 cm, generates a disrupting yet intimate contrast between smoothness and complexity.

Events to Remember

For Milan Design Week 2023, Italian brand Meridiani pais an ode to balance and continuity at Milan Design Week 2023 unveiled a new collection of furniture designs that prioritise comfort and craftsmanship, the Oscar collection. It draws inspiration from the letter O, a symbol of continuity and balance and includes a sofa, relaxed chaise, and armchair that express elegance through soft lines and contemporary details. The volumes are neat but at the same time smooth, essential but still comfortable.

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