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The International Middle East Joint Surgery Conference will be held at Jumeirah Hotel, Emirates Towers next Friday in cooperation with the American Society of Pelvic and Knee Surgeons and the Asian Society of Joint Surgery and Replacement, for the first time in the region, with the participation of 1,000 international surgeons specialising in joint replacement surgery.

Dr. Sameeh Tarabichi, Supreme President of the Conference, stressed the importance of this global event. It will bring together prominent speakers, orthopaedic surgeons, trainers, nurses, and medical students from different countries, There will be panel discussions, with research papers and reports presented on modern surgical techniques and developments related to shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, and sports surgeries, in addition to providing interactive sessions with experts and specialists.

He pointed out that the current session of the conference will focus on technological developments and introduce modern techniques in joint surgery, such as joint design, the use of a three-dimensional printer, and innovation in robotic surgeries. Difficult cases will be presented for discussion in addition to seminars and workshops to train doctors on the best ways to replace joints. There will be discussions on the latest global developments in sports medicine, and ankle and joint reimplantation according to the regional specifications.

He pointed out that an Asian patient’s anatomy is different from that of a Western or European patient, and therefore, it is necessary to design special things for Middle Eastern patients that suit their own environment. For example, the design and measurements of the knee and knee angles must be in line with what serves the Arab patient, such as sitting on the floor and praying.

Dr. Samih added that the conference aims to create a platform that brings together doctors and joint surgery specialists from around the world under one roof to discuss modern developments and techniques in the treatment of orthopaedic diseases.

As in previous editions, the conference continues to be a leading platform in the region for networking and interaction between prosthetic suppliers and doctors from the region and the world.

Dr. Muhammad Moaz Adi, President of the Conference, said there would be 69 regional and international lecturers from 14 participating countries, 120 lectures in 21 scientific sessions, 35 scientific research, and five practical workshops, including two workshops on human corpses brought specifically for this purpose from the United States of America.

Three seminars for the industrial sector and 13 scientific research sessions for doctors and resident doctors will cover all fields, including knee replacement surgery, pelvic and shoulder replacement, foot and heel replacement surgery, infection in joint replacement and fractures around implants, innovation in joint replacement, knee sports medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, and oncology.

This year, the conference will feature a video presentation of surgeries by experts who will provide advice related to orthopaedic surgery. In addition to a question-and-answer session, more than 18 companies from the most important pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers will participate in the accompanying exhibition as sponsors of the conference.

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