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A Msheireb Properties representative told Doha News that the trophy’s design was inspired by Qatar’s history and environment, while also emphasising the importance of recycling and reusing waste.

After an insightful Innovation by Design Summit held at the Doha Design District, Msheireb Properties hosted an award ceremony for the Msheireb Award for Innovation in Design.

During his opening address, Ali Al Kuwari, Msheireb Properties’ CEO, said he was “proud to be here today in the heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha to say that Qatar is leading the way in design across its many aspects. Smart, sustainable design is the future, and it’s something we are proud to champion.”

An array of dignitaries attended the event, including Neerav Patel, the British ambassador to Qatar, Timmy Davis, the American ambassador to Qatar and Paolo Toschi, the Italian ambassador to Qatar.

Other guests included Fahad Al Obaidly, the deputy director of programs and partnership at the Design Doha Biennale, as well as world-renowned composer and singer-songwriter, Dana Al Fardan.

Qatar composer and singer-songwriter Dana Al Fardan (pictured second to the right) attended the ceremony. Source: Doha News

Before the winners were announced, attendees enjoyed an orchestral rendition of Al Fardan’s original song ‘Chromium’ from her ‘Indigo’ album.

“‘Indigo is a sound journey. It is an album that has been constructed to create a space to activate your extra-spectral senses,” the Qatari virtuoso explained before the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra played.

Al Fardan, who was also a keynote speaker at Doha’s first Innovation By Design Summit, said that careful crafting and composition of sound is an important tool for healing.

Who are this year’s winners?

Ali Al Kuwari, CEO of Msheireb Properties, presented awards to honourees from various fields during the ceremony.

The Landor brand consultancy company won the award for Human Centred Design for utilising its innovative expertise for positive impact in cutting down manufacturing time.

The prize for Tech Powered Design went to Mario García’s García Media.

Source: @Msheirebproperties, via Instagram

During his keynote seminar entitled ‘Mind the AI gap: Deciphering content and business realms’ at the IBDS, García unpacked methods of AI integration into the marketing, product development, and service operations fields.

Meanwhile, MAD Architects won the award for Sustainable Design and Pandora for luxury and lifestyle design.

“We established the Msheireb Award for Innovation in Design to celebrate innovative design thinking because we believe that smart, accessible design can change the world for the better. Tonight’s winners embody this belief,” Al Kuwari said.

Sustainability at the heart of the award ceremony

The award itself given to the international luminaries was the brainchild of Msheireb Properties.

After the fanfare, Doha News spoke to a representative from the Qatar Foundation subsidiary.

“We took inspiration from Msheireb’s buildings. We wanted to create something special and unforgettable,” they said.

The three intricately designed blocks are the stars of the trophy.

“Each block is a different colour and this is from our brand’s colour palette: yellow, olive green and orange.

“Each block also has a different pattern – inspired by Msheireb and Qatar as a whole. For example, the first block’s design is from Mashrabiya, while the second visually captures Qatar’s desert movements. And the last block’s design comes from an ancient castle in Doha.

“All designs are bespoke for Msheireb Properties,” they added.

Beyond its eye-catching design, the trophy also serves as a salient reminder of the infinite possibilities of recycling and reusing waste.

“The trophy is made out of sustainable crystals from recycled soft drink cans,” the representative said. 


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