My interior design tips will revamp your home on a budget – a quick, affordable trick instantly changes a room’s mood


AN interior designer has revealed the affordable tricks that give homes a new lease of life without splurging on an expensive decorator. 

She said the entire mood of a room can be quickly changed without the need for a time-consuming DIY project.

Amanda Foster shared her affordable tricks for revamping homes on a budget


Amanda Foster shared her affordable tricks for revamping homes on a budgetCredit: Facebook/fosterdecorconsulting/
Amanda said color can be used to change the mood of a room (stock image)


Amanda said color can be used to change the mood of a room (stock image)Credit: Getty

Amanda Foster specializes in creating “vibrant” and “edgy” spaces that reflect homeowners’ personalities.

The award-winning interior designer of Foster Decor Consulting revealed to The U.S. Sun the budget-friendly tricks that she swears by for upgrading a home.


The creative recommended steering away from the common white light seen glowing in most properties in favor of something more unique.

“Switching out lightbulbs with smart LED lightbulbs is a quick and affordable way to change the lighting and mood of your room,” she said.

“You can go from cheerful reds and pinks to calming greens and blues in an instant depending on your vibe.”

A pack of four color-changing LED bulbs is available for $16.99 from Walmart.

Delighted customers have given it a 4.7-star rating and penned reviews recommending it to others.

“Great light bulbs,” one person said. 

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“Easy to install and the remote is super convenient for room light changes throughout the day. I would buy these again.”


Foster revealed the choice of color can completely change the feel of a space.

She recommended considering the size and theme when deciding between the wide range of shades available.

“Fresh paint is always a great go-to for revamping your home on a budget,” she said.

“It might seem simple but changing your paint color can brighten your space and make it feel bigger.

“With pastel colors or with moody and velvety reds and greens you can create a cozy and dramatic feel all with paint colors.”

Get creative and put your spin on it

Amanda FosterInterior designer at Foster Decor Consulting


The interior design expert urged homeowners to use their creative skills to make DIY art.

“There are tons of videos on TikTok of different art styles you can try in your home,” she said.

“By doing this you can custom pick colors that will work seamlessly in your home to upgrade your space. 

“A really simple art project is buying a canvas, plaster, and a taping knife. 

“You start by creating a base layer of plaster on your canvas and use your taping knife to spread it all out thin. 

Foster recommended taking inspiration from TikTok for creating DIY art


Foster recommended taking inspiration from TikTok for creating DIY artCredit: Facebook/fosterdecorconsulting/

“From there, it’s all up to you which is the fun part.

“You could create arches or swirls with the taping knife, or get creative and get a floor trowel and add texture to your swirls. 

“This is a quick DIY since the plaster dries so fast and you’ll be able to hang it in the same day. 

“It’s popular to keep it white and clean or add in some beige and vanilla tones. 

Budget interior design tips

Interior designer Judy Hoang shared her furniture tips with The U.S. Sun.

  • Thrift furniture and paint it to match your decor.
  • Test if an item is fit for its purpose before thrifting.
  • Shop at Target or HomeGoods for rugs, lamps, desks, and pillows.
  • Invest in classic timeless pieces.
  • Set up smart home lighting to save money.

“You can also go with more contrast by using black and white.

“But you know me, queen of color. You can add paint drips, glitter, gold flecks to spice up the look – get creative and put your spin on it.”


Foster said house plants are the “gift that will keep giving” as she raved about how they improve a room’s aesthetic.

“You buy them once and as long as you take care of them, you can keep them around for a long time,” she said.

“They add life and color to your space as well as fun textures.”

TV gardening expert Mark Lane recently revealed to The U.S. Sun that coffee grounds can deter pests from indoor plants.

“All types of coffee can be used, whether you like light roast or dark roast,” he said.

“The coffee scent will help repel ants, snails and slugs, bees, fleas, and thrips.”

Foster said plants can be used to add color and texture to a space (stock image)


Foster said plants can be used to add color and texture to a space (stock image)Credit: Getty


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