Sherpa Tiny Home Blends Simplicity With Ingenious Interior Design for Comfortable Living


French tiny home builder Baluchon has earned a reputation for crafting charming compact dwellings that perfectly capture the essence of tiny living. The talented team focuses on creating custom builds that offer people who want to downsize a real chance to simplify their lives, embrace efficient living, and reconnect with nature.

Thanks to creative layouts, smart design choices, and ingenious space-saving tricks, each tiny house built by this brand is not only a comfortable living space; it’s a private haven where simplicity and tradition meet exquisite craftsmanship and ingenious interior design. The newest addition to the artisan builder’s portfolio, named Sherpa, perfectly exemplifies all that.

Like most of the designs coming out of Baluchon’s shed, this new tiny home on wheels is not only strikingly beautiful, but it also delivers high quality and modern comforts in a small package. It stays true to the fundamental principles of minimalism and small living, enabling owners to reduce their environmental footprint and live in harmony with the surrounding nature.

Sherpa was built for Marie-José and Sylvie, who plan on taking it to Maine-et-Loire. The cute abode sits on a double-axle trailer and is just 19.6 feet (6 meters) in length. However, the small footprint did not prevent the designers from creating a charming abode with everything a couple or a small family needs for a comfortable life.

Sherpa tiny house on wheels

Photo: Baluchon

While the exterior of the house draws you in with the charm of a traditional wood cabin, the interior exudes warmth and coziness thanks to the extensive use of natural, locally sourced wood and an inviting color palette that blends blue with gray and beige.

All of Baluchon’s designs are easily recognizable thanks to their rustic exterior look that mixes cedar siding with colorful metal accents and their Scandinavian-inspired interior design. Sherpa follows the same design recipe but has its own unique touches. The builder says that this particular unit was greatly inspired by a previous design, namely the Sauvage tiny house. As such, it boasts sharp edges and an asymmetrical roof line, and its facades are clad in a balanced mix of red cedar and anthracite gray aluminum. The gable roof above the living room has large full-height joinery, which allows for the inclusion of large windows that bring a good amount of light inside the house.

This pint-sized home might be small but can certainly serve as a permanent residence, having been built with quality natural materials, cotton, linen, and hemp insulation, a durable steel roof, and beautiful finishes throughout. With a layout that includes an open-plan lounge and kitchen area, a separate bathroom, and a sleeping loft, it can easily accommodate up to four people.

Sherpa tiny house on wheels

Photo: Baluchon

As you step through the glass entrance door, you’re greeted by a charming Scandinavian-style interior. Due to space constraints, the entryway area is easily overlooked in tiny homes, and guests are welcome directly into the living room or the kitchen. This is also the case with Sherpa, but Baluchon has found an ingenious solution to make up for the lack of a proper vestibule. To the right of the entrance, you will find a small bench for storing shoes right next to an ash wood claustra with hooks for hanging your coats and jackets.

The living/lounge area takes full advantage of its strategic placement next to a full-height window and the glass door to offer inhabitants and guests stunning views. It is also bright and airy and is furnished with a convertible sofa that can easily turn into a bed for two. A small, round center table and a shelf on the wall complete the living room design.

With no formal separation, the lounge easily connects with the adjacent cooking and dining area. Fitted with custom-made cabinetry in a beautiful blue color and ash countertops, the kitchen offers just enough storage and meal prep space. It is also equipped with a sink, a two-burner cooktop, and an under-bench fridge.

A dedicated dining space inside such a compact home is truly a luxurious feature. Sherpa’s dining nook comprises a foldable ash table that can seat up to three guests. When not in use, it completely folds to the wall to free up room and create easy passage from one area to another.

Sherpa tiny house on wheels

Photo: Baluchon

Next up is the bathroom, which is the key highlight of this model. It is surprisingly spacious for a tiny home the size of Sherpa and includes a glass-enclosed 70 x 100 cm (27.5 x 39-inch) shower, a dry toilet, and a huge storage unit for clothes and other personal belongings. In terms of styling, the bathroom follows the same design language as the rest of the house, with blue cabinetry and plenty of wood accents.

An L-shaped staircase with integrated storage leads up to the lofted area, which acts as the main sleeping space. It is fitted with a comfortable double bed and a small bookcase, and two ash trellises offer a bit of protection.

With a charming exterior and a well-configured and beautifully styled interior, the Sherpa tiny home on wheels is a great choice for those looking for a welcoming compact abode that also offers plenty of functionality.


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