Technology and design for complex ecosystems at the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024


Technology that simplifies 

Technological development is here for a purpose, clearly to simplify our work and our lives. So here’s how companies and designers exploit it for this purpose. 

For this edition of EuroCucina/FTK, Miele brings the best of its offering to a 900 m2 space and presents a series of new features. One is Laundry Aerium, an innovative walk-in closet that sanitizes and removes odours from clothing. 

Whirlpool uses sensors and inserts the Food Sensing Probe in its new WCollection oven. This is a probe capable of monitoring the cooking of food, mixes and liquid bases such as those of a cake or lasagna, and solid foods such as meat, fish and much else. 

LG Electronics leverages personalization mediated by technology, this year presenting LG InstaView with MoodUP, a refrigerator that can change colour. The refrigerator door has a large screen that can changed its color through the LG ThinQ app. And if that’s not enough, the refrigerator can change its mood to suit the rhythm of the music playing from its built-in speakers. Just knock on the door, without opening the fridge, and the InstaView technology uses a built-in camera to show you what’s inside. No more wasted energy. 

Haier presents its ovens with Bionicook technology, equipped with a camera that recognizes foods, advises on recipes, and enables you to remotely control cooking with the hOn app. 

Bora takes its integrated extraction system cooktops to an extreme with M Pure, a hob equipped with a “bridge” function that enables you to enlarge the cooking surface for outsize pots and pans. 

Elica focuses on the miniaturization of technology to present Lhov, an appliance that contains a hob, oven and extractor hood. A unique combination in the market that clarifies the company’s new positioning. 

The latest product from Caimi Brevetti, the Oversized lux panel equipped with air purification technology, speaks of technology in the service of well-being. In keeping with the company’s tradition, a sound-absorbing panel is fitted with an LED light source, allowing the dissipated heat to create an ascending air flow that passes through an anodized silver ion filter. Integrated technology in the service of people’s well-being. 

It is not just digital technology that Nobili Rubinetterie adds to its new Sorgente tap. A kitchen mixer in four different alternatives: Filtra, Bolle, Frizza and Frizza & Bolle. The first version of Sorgente filters the water, the second automatically heats it to 90° with a saving of time and energy. As if this were not enough, Frizza enables you to obtain sparkling water directly from the mixer, and thanks to the built-in app you can choose the desired degree of carbon dioxide and keep the components under control.  


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