The BNK Group ventures into the global design hub with its entry into the GCC market



The BNK Group, helmed by Behzad Kharas, Chairman and Managing Director, ventures into the GCC market with its newly launched entity, Design BNK. With a legacy of architectural expertise since 2005, the group aims to redefine luxury living, hospitality, and workspace experiences in the region. Leveraging Dubai’s vibrant landscape, the group plans to drive design innovation and collaborate with local talent. Exciting projects are lined up, focusing on luxury residences, commercial developments, hotel & healthcare designs. The expansion signifies The BNK Group’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design excellence in GCC and beyond.


Penthouse, Downtown Dubai

The BNK Group announces its expansion into the GCC market with its newly launched entity DESIGN BNK, bringing with it a legacy of architectural expertise honed since 2005. Led by Behzad Kharas, the Chairman and Managing Director, the group has established itself as a powerhouse across India, the Middle East, and Africa.

With the establishment of Design BNK for the GCC region, led by architect Dr. Santi Maggio Savasta, the group further expands its reach and expertise into new territories. This strategic move signifies the group’s commitment to pushing the boundaries in global design.

In conversation with Behzad Kharas, let’s explore how the group has ventured into the GCC market and their plans for this expansion

What inspired The BNK Group to venture into the vibrant GCC market now and introduce Design BNK?

The decision to expand into the GCC market stems from our commitment to global design excellence. In India, we have worked on multiple luxury projects and clients such as the Trump Towers, Godrej Properties, The Taj Vivanta, The Times of India, Tata Motors and many UHNI HNI in India and Dubai.

We see tremendous potential in the GCC’s and Africa’s evolving architectural and interior landscape and aim to bring our expertise to this dynamic region. We are looking to provide design and build services across industries right from residential, workspaces to hotels and healthcare. Additionally, the timing aligns with Dubai’s rapid growth and emergence as a hub for innovation, making it an opportunistic moment for us to establish our presence via Design BNK

With Dubai as a hub for innovation, how does The BNK Group plan to leverage the city’s dynamic landscape to drive its design initiatives?

Dubai’s vibrant cultural scene and progressive outlook provide an ideal backdrop for our design initiatives. We intend to leverage the city’s dynamic landscape by collaborating with locally available talent from various nationalities and using this talent to develop cutting-edge designs across various regions including India. Our goal is to create spaces that not only reflect Dubai’s cosmopolitan vibe but also push the boundaries of design innovation.

Can you share any exciting projects The BNK Group has lined up for the GCC region?

We have several exciting projects in the pipeline for the GCC region, spanning luxury residences, commercial developments, and hotel designs. We have already designed and delivered work for a lot of Indian-origin clients based out of GCC for their properties in India and wish to harness these relationships to expand our network through the GCC region.


Commercial Office Tower, Dubai

What unique design challenges does The BNK Group anticipate in the GCC market?

The GCC market presents unique opportunities and challenges, particularly in terms of cultural sensitivities, climate considerations, and regulatory frameworks. One of the key challenges we anticipate is striking a balance between modern design aesthetics and traditional elements that resonate with the local community. Additionally, sustainability and environmental factors will play a significant role in our design approach, given the region’s arid climate.

What key milestones do you aspire to achieve with the expansion into the GCC, and how will these impact the broader architectural ecosystem?

Our primary goal with the expansion into the GCC is to establish The BNK Group as a leading force in the region’s architectural and interior landscape. We aim to design and deliver iconic projects that not only redefine luxury but also contribute to the cultural and economic development of the GCC. By pushing the boundaries of design innovation and fostering collaboration with local talent, we hope to inspire a new wave of architectural and interior design excellence that transcends borders.

What sets The BNK Group apart from other architectural firms entering the GCC market?

What sets The BNK Group apart is our commitment to design excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. With almost two decades of experience and a proven track record of delivering iconic projects across India, the Middle East, and Africa, we bring a wealth of expertise and creativity to the GCC market. With a focus on transformative design and guided by the “3H value system” of Honest, Humble, and Humane, our holistic approach to design, emphasis on sustainability, and ability to seamlessly integrate technology set us apart from other architectural firms. We’re not just building structures, we’re creating experiences that resonate with people’s lives. Since our backend team sits out of India we will be able to give a high level of service at a competitive cost to the client.

How does your expertise in India impact the GCC expansion? Any key lessons from India that significantly helped?

Our expertise in India serves as a solid foundation for our expansion. India being culturally diverse gives us the ability and adaptability to implement contextual design, community engagement, and standard practices, which are applicable across geographies. While each market presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, being agile to any requirement of design through our multidisciplinary approach makes us a one-stop solution which today’s clients need.

Future plans?

We are a strong team of 70-plus designers and project managers having successfully completed more than 500 plus projects in India. Looking ahead, our focus remains on delivering innovative design and build solutions across residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare sectors along with making a positive impact in the GCC and beyond. We’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to pushing the boundaries of design excellence. With all our group companies and new initiatives, we aim to cross a target revenue of 200 crore in the coming financial year.

Whether it’s unveiling new projects, forging strategic partnerships, or investing in talent development, our future plans are rooted in our core values of creativity, integrity, and honesty. We look forward to shaping the architectural landscape of the GCC and leaving a lasting legacy – a synthesis known as ‘The BNK Factor.’

The group’s foray into the GCC market marks a new era of design innovation, promising to redefine luxury experiences and leave an indelible mark on the architectural and interior landscape of the region and beyond.

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