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We had already talked about the Monobloc chair in the past through the works of the designer Pierre Castignola, who reasoned about the wide diffusion of this object, starting from the fact that the original design was never patented and that is why it was then reproposed by so many different manufacturers. All this allowed the Monobloc to spread globally and enter homes, bars, and restaurants around the world, becoming a universal symbol as well as a carrier of a feeling of comfort but also of nostalgia. If Castignola revisits it by deconstructing and reassembling it, artist Kuril Chto proposes it instead in Yves Klein’s blue first on canvas then in a giant version, but also in miniature and as a necklace. Let’s find out more about this artist and his current exhibition in Venice at Kunst Depot space ‘Parrucche ai Biri’ in the Cannaregio district, in conjunction with the 60th Art Biennale.

Kuril ChtoKuril Chto
Blue chair bronze, 2023

Monobloc is foreign everywhere, like us

«The artist is fascinated by the ubiquity of the chair, its omnipresence on the surface of the planet, and the implications of hospitality that this simple piece of furniture offers. As media scholar and pop-up ad inventor Ethan Zuckerman points out in his blog, “The Monobloc offers no linguistic clues, no obvious sign that it has been located. Wherever you are, it’s at home,‘»explains exhibition curator Valentin Diaconov, who offers the viewer the simple key to interpreting Kuril Chto’s entire exhibition. In other words, and wanting to connect us to the theme proposed by this year’s Biennale Foreigners Everywhere -, the artist erects the Monobloc chair as a symbol of always being at home, as an object widespread both in the present and in the past, inevitably bringing us back to childhood memories, especially related to summer vacations. From being an inanimate plastic object, the chair becomes charged with humanity, imbued with values such as welcome and hospitality.

Kuril ChtoKuril Chto

Just like Nausicaa she welcomes you wherever you are

Even more, under the guise of Monobloc, Kuril Chto questions the relationship between objects and human beings and their interconnections. In this sense, the artist plays with the dimensions of the chair and creates miniatures that in some cases become accessories, such as the Monobloc necklace he presents during the exhibition. Here, in the gallery spaces, the chair is the undisputed protagonist while the human figure is absent, if not covered only by the public who becomes an active part of the path by being able to sit on chairs set up in the center of the space with umbrellas and beach tables. Nostalgia and loneliness are the emotions that Chto evokes, offering an additional layer of reflection with the inclusion of the epic. Nausicaa, the character in Homer’s Odyssey who offers shelter and food to Odysseus, becomes the perfect analogy for the Monobloc that has always been present in Kuril’s travels, wherever he was.

Kuril ChtoKuril Chto
Kuril Chto, Silver chair necklace

The exhibition Under Jove’s protection, sponsored by Bahnohof Gallery is open until May 17 at KUNST DEPOT ‘Wigs to Biri’ in Canareggio, Venice.

Courtesy Kuril Chto, Bahnhof Gallery


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