Webflow in Web Powerhouse is tag-teaming web development in the Philippines


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Webflow has picked a passionate team of web developers to lead the webflow movement in the Philippines. And the local world of web development must take pride that a young Filipino is tasked to take charge here.

The San Francisco-based American company provides software as a service for website building and hosting. According to W3Techs, Webflow is used by 0.6% of the top 10 million websites. The company is on a mission to elevate the bar for web design and quality, craft digital experiences that inspire and engage and to making a positive impact on both its clients and the community. 

And it has chosen a Filipino web developer Richard Pines to be its brand ambassador to the Philippines — a very promising location for web developers to prosper, according to the latter.

“It’s an honor, and a big challenge for me, to take charge and represent Webflow in the country,” said Pines, Pines, CEO of Web Powerhouse, Inc. and literally the Webflow Ambassador to the Philippines.

Pines, 23, is particularly excited that Web Powerhouse, a web design and development company that works along the line of “representing the true quality and creativity of Filipino works,” is on the right track with Webflow.

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“Webflow believes in collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning, and Filipino web developers particularly the new ones, must be able to cash in on opportuities like this.”

Pines noted that Webflow, unlike WordPress, is a really good platform. “WordPress is prone to attacks and viruses. Webflow, on the other hand, is the exact opposite because it is a closed platform. It does not use plugins.”

Like Webflow, Web Powerhouse also offers competitive benefits, flexible work arrangements, and a fun, creative atmosphere. Web Powerhouse, powered by Webflow, already has 30 employees in just six months of operations.

“It was an exciting eight months, we’ve had our shares of highs and lows. We’ve encountered problems, incuding workforce issues, but we survived. Actually, the challenges only made us stronger, and look ahead when web developers in the Philippines will get to the next level up where Filipino web developers are finally recognized,” added Pines.

“We are now serving international clients from the United States, Australia, London, and Canada. We build websites for marketing agencies. To date, we have 10 clients and we worked closely with them. Customers come to us, most are for websites engaged in marketing.” 

Turning over finished websites have improved and done fast with Webflow. “Now we can turn around a website within a week. I can even do a full-blown website within three hours and that’s how fast it is. This tool is what I could say has been the reason we were able to scale our agency from 0-30+ people a month,” he said.

Pines is so convined of Webflow that he wants Web Powerhouse to lead the Webflow movement in the Philippines.

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