City of Toledo | Employee Spotlight: Myles Stanley


In the hustle and bustle of the Communications Department in the Mayor’s Office, Myles Stanley, an Associate Graphic Designer, is a creative force shaping the brand of the city one design at a time.

A native of the East Columbus area, Stanley has a deep passion for the arts. “Art for me is my meaning,” Stanley said. It always has been—since his childhood when he used to draw with his grandmother. “She was a big inspiration for me to get into the arts,” Stanley said. That passion continued through high school, where he discovered he could study graphic design and then get paid to make art.

“I didn’t know what it was called until I applied for college: Graphic Design,” Stanley said. “There is something about graphics and the commercialism of it, but also the way in which you can still tell a story and make thought-provoking art that means something—that is what really hooked me in,” Stanley said.

After graduating from BGSU in 2019 with a BFA, Stanley landed his first job at a design firm called Landor in Chicago and then at a Toledo design firm called Everwild until he secured a job with the City.

Stanley has been in Toledo for the last four years, and he has been working for the City for four months. Although he’s familiar with Toledo from his college days, Stanley says that since working for the City, he has seen Toledo from a whole new perspective. “I’ve always enjoyed the City atmosphere and the mixture of old and new architecture. Looking at Toledo’s buildings and its art, history, and culture has really inspired me and my work.”

Drawing inspiration from artists like Reid Miles, Michael Bierut, and Rick Valicenti, Stanley specializes in storytelling and narrative-driven design, exploring the depth of history to represent people, places, and things in his creations.

“Design is everywhere in our world, and it is interesting to see how many different factors I can apply in my own work,” Stanley said. “Toledo is in a really great position to grow. It’s going through its own Renaissance. To be a part of that, not only as a resident but as a graphic designer influencing the look and feel of the City, is what really captured me, and it’s an exciting opportunity to be a part of.”

Stanley thrives on branding, showcasing expertise in logo design, websites, advertising, and a myriad of design elements. Typography plays a pivotal role in his work, allowing him to experiment with fonts, typefaces, and overall visual aesthetics. He also believes exploring his identity, background, and current outlook on the world has been a driving force in his work.

“Being a person of color in the current time that we live in now, it’s important to look at how my voice is being applied to my surroundings and understand what I can do to shape not only the art and design world, but also the cultural and ethnic world too,” Stanley said. “I have always been a reserved person. The arts helped me amplify my creativity and help other people find their voice through art, design, and community engagement.”

Looking ahead, Stanley envisions starting his own design studio or agency. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creating a space for meaningful design highlight Stanley’s dedication to the creative field.

Myles Stanley’s journey as an Associate Graphic Designer is a testament to the power of creativity in public service. As he continues to shape the visual narrative of the City and the Mayor’s Office, his story serves as an inspiration for all who believe in the transformative potential of artistic expression in the public sphere.



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